​Childcare Programs​

Jingili Ear​​ly Learning Centre

Jingili Kindergarten is a 61 place long day care centre, positioned 'off campus' on Jingili Terrace, co-located with Jingili Preschool. We provide opportunities for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years, to participate in a wonderfully unique environment, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor activities on a daily basis. We provide nutritious meals throughout the day, promoting the health and wellbeing of all children in our care. We operate from 7:00am through to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We embrace the National Quality framework, and ensure that this is reflected throughout our Centre, as we strive to continually offer high quality care and education. Our programs reflect the principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework, where children's interests and strengths are used to guide the curriculum, and promote further learning.

Contact Information
​Opening Hours​Monday – Friday ​7:00am - 6:00pm
​Phone(08) 8985 3696
​Address​10 Jingili Terrace, Jingili NT 0810
​Email (Enrolments and Bookings)director.jingilikindy@ymca.org.au
​Email (Accounts)childcare.nt@ymca.org.au
​Children 6 weeks to 12 months ​$95 per day
​Children 12 months to 3 years ​$92 per day
​Children 3 to 5 years ​$88 per day
​Half Day Pre-school ​$56 (11.15am to 6pm)
​After Pre-school ​$30 (2.30pm – 6pm)

Outside Hours School Care at Durack and Driver Primary Schools

We offer high quality services for children and families who require care out of school hours, both before and after school, and throughout the holidays, located on the schools' grounds. Our programs and practices are guided by the National Quality Framework. We cater for children aged from Pre-School through to 12 years, providing a place for children to have fun, be active and explore their potential. Our child-focused, stimulating activities reflect the children's interests; we provide nutritious snacks, giving the children the energy for learning and playing with friends, and gaining lifelong skills and knowledge.

​Contact Information
​Opening Hours ​ ​​Before School Care ​6am – 8am
​After School Care ​2.30pm - 6.00pm
​Vacation Care ​6:30am - 6pm
​Phone ​ ​​Driver    ​0439 991 459
​Durack 0439 991 095
​Office ​8981 8377
​Address ​​Driver     37 Driver Ave,​ Driver
​Durack  50 Woodlake Blvd Durack
​Before school care ​​$16 per day permanent  
​$21 per day casual
​After school care ​​$26 per day permanent          
​$31 per day casual
​Vacation care ​​$53 per day permanent   
​$58 per day casual

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